Pike 1985 tresnitt, print 1990, edition 2/2, paper Schöllerhammer 80×60 cm

2006-12-08 16:41:32

Sunset, square, woodcut created and printed in Berlin 1988, Sonnenuntergang

Sunsets, square, 3 sequences of three moments each in sunsets, created in Berlin 1988-1989, printed black and red colors on paper or cotton

Exploration leading up to the sequence Cladonia, part of Material (15min, 2013 premiere in Oberhausen intl. short film festival)

Drei Phasen der Graphik einer Entwicklung aus dem Holz.
Woolscape geht physisch in 3D vor, via Virtual Woodscape,
aus den Gründen des Bild-Text-Verbundes in GIRL.

Woolscape 112 x 215 cm, map of Woodscape in lambswool knit, approx 1600g

Developing Virtual Woodscape: Three phases in the graphics of Virtual Woodscape, defining the contours

CLADONIA setup diagram for camera mechanics in Material 2012, Cladonia i Råndalen Naturreservat, Selbu, 2012. Prinsippdiagram til beskrivelse av funksjonen i kamerarigg til sekvensen Cladonia i filmen Material, premiere Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Tyskland 2013