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STUDIO: Store, Tools, Materials

STUDIO tools and materials, and a collection of work results show the processes that take place in the artist workshop. Archivalia like photos, some film and video, much notes and sketchbooks add language and context to the situation that the studio project makes accessible.

STUDIO: example 48 images

A+K, the exhibition in Trondheim Art Museum about life in the art studios, functions as a registry for the Studio archive. The 48 pictures on display are entry points to stories. Each group of 12 pictures had its own theme and a volume in the catalogue of the exhibition. Parallell to the exhibition there was a film programme that opened the same day. The film work which is digital and the picture archive based on physical objects developed in parallel during the three months duration of the show.

STUDIO: A+K exhibition

The title of the exhibition “A+K” refers to the parent artists of Yngve Zakarias, ceramist  Aina Thiis (1924-2018)  and sculptor Kristofer Leirdal (1915-2010), the project being a “conversation with my parents about art and life”.