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STUDIO: Store, Tools, Materials

STUDIO tools and materials, and a collection of work results show the processes that take place in the artist workshop. Archivalia like photos, some film and video, much notes and sketchbooks add language and context to the situation that the studio project makes accessible.

STUDIO: example 48 images

A+K, the exhibition in Trondheim Art Museum about life in the art studios, functions as a registry for the Studio archive. The 48 pictures on display are entry points to stories. Each group of 12 pictures had its own theme and a volume in the catalogue of the exhibition. Parallell to the exhibition there was a film programme that opened the same day. The film work which is digital and the picture archive based on physical objects developed in parallel during the three months duration of the show.

Projects in Collections

    Projects represented in art museum collections

Møter i markedet

  Høsten 2018 står Møter i markedet på programmet. Starten er i Olavshallen i Trondheim, de to første ukene i september. Velkommen til Møter i Markedet, som er…

STUDIO: A+K exhibition

The title of the exhibition “A+K” refers to the parent artists of Yngve Zakarias, ceramist  Aina Thiis (1924-2018)  and sculptor Kristofer Leirdal (1915-2010), the project being a “conversation with my parents about art and life”.

Virtual Woodscape paintings collection

Five small paintings presented 2005 with Virtual Woodscape in Trondheim Kunstmuseum


Natur Urban

Filmen Drop Flow følger vannveien fra høyfjellet til havbunnen, gjennom byen, der Nidelven gjør en sving. Trondheim behøver å ta vare på sine verdier og ikke bruke dem opp.

Biology of Art

A film about nature in the near environment is not far from the idea of art. Negotiating our environment, in the process fundamentally changes ourselves just as much. Smallness and largeness of scale in nature, its fleeting boundaries, question our own.

A+K paintings

Ved siden av fotoarbeider og grafikk inngår fem malerier i visningen på Trondheim kunstmuseum.

A+K tresnitt

Ved siden av fotoarbeider og maleri inngår seks tresnitt i visningen på Trondheim kunstmuseum.

Virtual Wodscape Prints

High definition Lambda laserprints from the exploration of Virtual Woodscape.

Elvesvingen Digital

Elvesvingen Digital, konsepter og forvandlinger (2016), prøvetrykk, 59,5 x 44 cm, digitaltrykk: RHO/UV-print eller Canon fotoprint på 100% bomull Silver RAG Fine Art 300gr

Elvesvingen Tresnitt

Store tresnitt trykket for hånd pga materialkvaliteten, fire motiver og to varianter, enten unike blader eller opplag på to til tre.

Digital Woodprints

Extracts of organic patterns provide strong visual material that is both suggestive and high definition.

Lilies & Roses, Eclipse

Floralmotiv fra tekstilmanufaktur, opprinnelse England, digitalt rekomponert fra de originale trykkstokkene. Lambda laserprint og RHO/UV print på aluminium kompositt, ca 65 x 45 cm

Virtual Woodscape

Patterns in a wooden board looked like a landscape map. This virtual landscape was experimentally reconstructed in 3D on the computer. Exploring this alien, yet recognisable landscape is much easier and cheaper than going to Mars. There are unlimited possibilities just around the corner.

Boutique in Berlin 2002